Quality policy

Quality Policy of VÁHOSTAV-SK-PREFA, s.r.o.

The vision of VÁHOSTAV-SK-PREFA, s.r.o., as a subsidiary company of VÁHOSTAV - SK, a.s. is its stability, strengthening competitive ability at the domestic construction market and maintaining a high level of quality in all our activities, including meeting the requirements and principles of environmental protection and health and safety at work. To accomplish this vision, we introduce and implement the Integrated Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO: 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards.

Recognizing our responsibility towards our customers, employees, as well as suppliers and all stakeholders, we set out as the basic objectives of the established management system:

  • customer contentment and better satisfaction of needs

  • care for employees and a safe working environment

  • responsible and ethical behavior towards suppliers

  • a healthy and clean environment

We want to achieve our goals in particular by:

  • high quality of implemented construction work

  • technological innovations and self-development

  • employee motivation

  • payment discipline (timely and proper payment of liabilities)

  • prevention of environmental pollution and the occurrence of accidents

  • efficient use of resources and secondary raw materials

  • corporate sponsorship

  • open communication with state institutions

Our aim is to continuously and systematically improve the management system of direction, thus gradually optimizing the company's management and streamlining the controlling processes.

As the most important principles of managing all our activities we consider:

  • compliance with all legal and voluntary requirements regarding the company

  • identifying needs and analyzing customer requirements

  • management and planning in all processes and activities

  • continuous improvement and development in all areas

  • engagement of all employees to meet the goals and their personal responsibility

  • competence, qualification, professional level and professionalism of employees

Every employee has an individual responsibility to help with fulfilling this policy. Developing policy into specific goals and programs is the role of corporate leadership. This policy is fully binding on all employees of VÁHOSTAV-SK-PREFA, s.r.o .

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