Code of Ethics

VÁHOSTAV-SK-PREFA, s.r.o. - Code of Ethical Behavior


The company VÁHOSTAV-SK-PREFA, s.r.o. and its employees demonstrate the will to promote a high level of professionalism and honesty in communicating with their customers, competitors and the general public and a high level of professional competence in the execution of the contracts. Our intent is to encourage honest and healthy competition at the construction market and thereby contribute to improving our reputation. We are convinced that partnership-based relationships are crucial to successfully meeting the goals of our company and the goals of its employees. We have set the minimum standards of behavior to fulfill these resolutions.

I. Professionalism

Every employee of an organization demonstrates to a certain extent the highest degree of professional behavior that benefits his profession, organization and construction profession. The employee speaks truthfully and acts in accordance with accepted principles of honesty and fairness. They try to correctly represent their or the company's range of knowledge and ability to perform the required services.

II. Customer Responsibility (Internal and External)

Every employee actively and honestly meets customer's legitimate requirements. All their potential requirements are recorded in written form to avoid misunderstandings and possible misalignments. The employee does not prefer his / her own needs and wishes to the needs and wishes of the customer. The employee approaches his / her work responsibly and tries to work in such a way that the resulting product is in line with customer requirements and fulfills the prescribed quality parameters for the first time. Employees also propose to the customer the technologies and materials that are customary or beneficial to the customer. When handling with the property and equipment of the customer, they respect the laws, regulations and rules as well as the customer's requirements for handling with them. Employee does not give unrealistic expectations to the customer.

III. Responsibility to suppliers

Vzťahy s dodávateľom sú založené na vzájomnej dôvere a úcte a dodržiavaní zmluvných vzťahov. Zamestnanec vytvára pre všetkých dodávateľov rovnaké obchodné podmienky a nepreferuje jedného dodávateľa pred druhým. Zamestnanec neprijíma od dodávateľov žiadne finančné a vecné dary.

IV. Liability to Employees 

Relations with the supplier are based on mutual trust and respect and observance of contractual relationships. Employee creates the same business conditions for all suppliers and does not favor one supplier over another. Employee does not accept any financial and material gifts from suppliers.

V. Responsibility to Employer 

The employee is proud of his business and spreads his reputation to the public. The employee spreads the good name of the company with his high-quality work, access to customers and suppliers and correct public performance. Employee protects company's reputation from spreading untrue information about it

VI. Liability for specific assets and facilities

The employee is not to knowingly allow or cause damage to the property of the organization or property assigned to the organization. Assets of an organization are used economically and in such a way as to minimize the risk of injury or loss of life for themselves or their environment.

VII. Environmental responsibility 

Employee uses the means to maximize the environmental impact of such activity. The employee shall ensure that unusable waste, packaging and hazardous substances are sorted and stored in accordance with the applicable environmental protection legislation.

VIII. Responsibility to the company

VÁHOSTAV-SK-PREFA, a. s. provides the state administration and the public with timely and truthful information about its activities and its implications for the environment and society. VÁHOSTAV-SK-PREFA, s.r.o., supports, through its donor and sponsorship activities, the development of the region, sport, culture and healthcare development. The employee complies with the law and acts in accordance with valid legislation.

IX. Collaboration

Every employee keeps all information gained when confiding with the customer as confidential until he is authorized by the provider to disclose that information or is required to declassify it legally. 

X. Honest business

Every employee strives to deal honestly with a customer, supplier or other employee. The Employee will not gain an undue advantage over the Participant in the negotiation by manipulating, concealing or misusing important information, distorting essential facts or some other unnecessary practices in the negotiations or in their work activities.

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